31 May 2017 News

Asciugoni Regina is one of the sponsors of Cooking Class

Asciugoni Regina is one of the sponsors of Cooking Class The filming of Cooking Class, the new show from FoxLife, got underway in the last few days, starring Sonia Peronaci and with Asciugoni Regina among the sponsors.

Known for its significant absorption capacity and durability, the Sofidel kitchen roll will accompany the broadcasts of the highly regarded cook, writer and food blogger, as she answers the calls for help from the “novice” cooks attending her school.

Every episode, a new recipe. How do you make shortcrust pastry for the perfect tart? I'm throwing a housewarming party. What can I cook? Simple and fun lessons in a very special cooking school, for those looking for the secret to making their dishes unique.

The filming of Cooking Class will be broadcast on FoxLife (Sky Italia, Channel 114) in the autumn.

On 22.05.2017, "The IMPERFECT recipe" competition also kicked off - the new Asciugoni Regina contest. 4 imperfect recipes, 4 answers to choose from, but only one is right. Have fun finding the deliberate mistake.

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